Long Lasting Anti-microbial Coating Service

Material : Air Catalyst All-Titan AT254

Equipment : Fogmaster foggers 



Feature :

-  Made in Japan and is an aqueous ceramic coating with titanium dioxide
- Harmless to the human body and the environment
- Forms a thin-film porous coating on various base materials
- Provides a long-lasting anti-microbial effect – over 1 year
- Preventive measure of bacterial, viral and fungal formation
-  Proven effective against a total of 254 organisms 
    (70 bacteria, 159 fungi and 25 algae)


Procedure :

-  Step 1: Tidy and clean up indoor areas in order to free up as large as surface areas for making anti-microbial coating.
-  Step 2: Coat All-Titan AT254 to the most often touchable surface areas by using powered fogger. 
-  Step 3: Spray BioEm Liquid upward throughout the indoor environment in order to sanitize and purify the indoor air and areas. (Optional)